The Issues

Jonathan cares about the issues facing 182nd district and across PA -- and is already hard at work trying to fix them for his neighbors.

Strengthening our Economy for All

Helping to strengthen small business and drive economic recovery after COVID. Jonathan’s years of economic advocacy have prepared him to prioritize delivering fair taxation that helps strengthen our Commonwealth and our city by investing in initiatives to improve your quality of life. Small, local, and diverse-owned businesses are our district’s strongest asset, and they will never have a stronger champion than Jonathan.

Equity & Economic Opportunity

“Equality of opportunity is key to everything,” said Jonathan, in a 2021 magazine article titled “How Jonathan Lovitz Is Helping Lead Pennsylvania’s Blue Wave.” No one is more prepared to help his neighbors than the person who has passed more than 25 laws improving economic access for minorities.

Jonathan has seen and experienced firsthand the power of building a bigger table, adding chairs to that table and coming together to bake more pie to share with everyone at that table. That is how you have an equitable recovery– and the strongest economy and society ahead.

Ending Gun Violence

Advocating for sensible gun laws that protect our neighborhoods and families. As an ardent support of Students Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, and Cease Fire PA, Jonathan will continue advancing effective gun policies to keep our families and communities safe.

Lives are at stake. Livelihoods and businesses are in peril—and, as the lifeblood of our economy, this threat to them risks the economic recovery and growth that Philadelphia so desperately needs. Let’s make a difference for our city before it’s too late. We can—and we must.

Healthcare, Housing, and Public Safety

Jonathan is already delivering on public health equity across all communities, health care access, women’s healthcare, and LGBTQ health and wellness. Housing affordability and community-led assistance for homelessness are directly tied to a healthier, safer Philadelphia.

Most Saturday mornings you’ll find him in a yellow vest serving as a patient escort volunteer at the Planned Parenthood in Center City Philadelphia. The women of Philadelphia deserve someone who will fight with all they have to protect them and ensure their freedom of choice and right to privacy is always defended — and they’ll always have that in Jonathan.

Improving Schools & Supporting Teachers

Working to fix the funding formula that starves our schools of resources is personal to Jonathan, the son and brother of teachers. Making our schools safer, smarter, and better, as well as improving teacher salaries and access to technological resources is key to our kids’ success. Jonathan also loves to volunteer as a mentor and trainer for young leaders, especially those looking to learn how to use their voices for the causes that inspire them to make a difference. He will create a pipeline of young, diverse leaders through community programs that leverage mentors from Center City and across Pennsylvania.

Protecting Your Vote

Your voice is your power, and Jonathan will always defend it. That is why he helped found the initiative in 2020, expanding voter registration and civic confidence in his city of Philadelphia during the toughest days of the pandemic. He fought tirelessly for a free and fair election for all his neighbors. By hitting the streets with some extraordinary volunteers, Lovitz helped register and galvanize nearly a thousand new voters during the most important election of our lifetime in Pennsylvania.

Investing in Arts & Culture

Raising millions in grants and donations to support arts programs and the communities they serve. District 182 has some of the greatest artistic treasures in PA — including the Kimmel Center and the University of the Arts. As a former performing artists and arts fundraiser, Jonathan will be one of the strongest arts champion in Harrisburg.