Laborers District Council Endorses Jonathan Lovitz for PA House District 182

October 12, 2021 

 For Immediate Release

Philadelphia, PA —  The Laborers District Council (LDC) of the Metropolitan Area of Philadelphia and Vicinity, under the guidance of Ryan N. Boyer, Business Manager of LDC Philadelphia And Vicinity, has announced its endorsement of union member and public policy expert Jonathan Lovitz to be the next State Representative for District 182, serving Philadelphia.

As affiliate members of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), for over 50 years LDC has been fighting for family-sustaining wages, safe working conditions and quality benefits for more than 5,000 workers in the Philadelphia region. LDC’s workers are the backbone of Philadelphia’s economy and represent an effective and well-trained workforce in the region. 

Lovitz joined his first union almost 15 years ago as a member of Actors’ Equity — part of the AFL-CIO family of affiliated unions. His passion for service and taking care of his neighbors is informed by the solidarity he felt from his first days as a union member. He is the only union member in the race for PA House District 182.

“I am deeply honored to have tireless advocate Ryan Boyer and the LDC as my first union endorsement in this campaign to make lives better for all who live in the District. Laborers are literally building a better future for their communities and for all of Philadelphia from the ground up. Every new crane in the sky means union jobs on the site, supply chains moving materials, creating jobs throughout the city, and workers earning the wages and opportunities they deserve. In 2022 we will be presented with a huge opportunity. Through the roll-out of the federal and state infrastructure packages, as well as the elections of our representatives at every level of government, we have to reaffirm the power and importance of unions– especially those who work hard to grow our cities, our communities, and our economies like the Laborers,” said candidate Jonathan Lovitz.

Over the last decade, Lovitz wrote and helped pass more than twenty-five state and local laws, including right here in Pennsylvania, opening up billions of dollars in contracts and economic development. Engaging the support of unions and advocating for their inclusion on major projects has been key to his success as a lawmaker and advocate over these many years.

“I believe in unions. I will fight for unions. And I will always be proud to carry my union card in my wallet.  My hope and prayer is to be able to carry that card onto the floor of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives as one of the strongest champions for organized labor, working people, and our economy that we’ve had in a long, long time,” added Lovitz.

His work ethic is rooted in a belief that when we all do better, we all do better. That is why Jonathan dedicates himself to fighting for affordable and inclusive healthcare; essential services for our seniors and veterans; gun free, fully-funded schools; supporting our arts and culture institutions; preserving our environment; and protecting Philadelphians’ important voice in government and the statewide economy.

Jonathan is running to represent the people of Philadelphia in Harrisburg to continue using his advocacy, policy, and legislative skills to further listen to, fight for, and care for his Philadelphia neighbors. As Jonathan always says,  “Let’s make a difference.

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"...if you want to pass the Equality Act, fight gun violence, spur economic growth, stop the yelling and antics in Harrisburg and return to a process of open communication, there’s only one candidate that has that kind of experience on day one, and that’s Jonathan Lovitz."
With over 600 donors, extensive union and community support, and the most bipartisan legislative experience, Lovitz for PA has demonstrated winning viability and is ready for the primary