NGLCC SVP to run for Pa. House of Representatives

Source: The Washington Blade

April 19, 2021


National LGBT Chamber of Commerce Senior Vice President Jonathan Lovitz on Monday announced he is running for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

“I’m a proud union member, LGBTQ+ community leader, the son of a small business owner and public school teacher, and dedicated public servant who has passed more than 25 laws in 13 states, including right here in Pennsylvania, creating opportunity for small business owners and minority communities,” said Lovitz in an email that announced his candidacy.

“At a time when our economic recovery is the key to solving the systemic social injustices facing our city, a progressive business leader is exactly what is needed representing the business hub of Philly in Harrisburg,” added Lovitz.

Lovitz, who lives in Center City, would represent District 182 if he is elected.

State Rep. Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia), who currently represents the district, in February announced he is running for lieutenant governor.

“This race also offers the historic opportunity for the first LGBTQ-held seat in Pa. (Rep. Brian Sims, now running for lt. governor) to transfer to another LGBTQ state representative,” said Lovitz.

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"...if you want to pass the Equality Act, fight gun violence, spur economic growth, stop the yelling and antics in Harrisburg and return to a process of open communication, there’s only one candidate that has that kind of experience on day one, and that’s Jonathan Lovitz."
With over 600 donors, extensive union and community support, and the most bipartisan legislative experience, Lovitz for PA has demonstrated winning viability and is ready for the primary